PREMIUM GEOMET COATED ROTORS has a special coating containing metal oxides, zinc, and aluminum flakes, sprayed over the entire rotor surface to ensure complete coverage, and baked on at 600 degrees to form a durable and attractive silver-gray finish that fights rust far better than paints or other conventional coatings

Features & Benefits

  • Cosmetic Enhanced Appearance: the brake discs can be seen through the alloy wheels. The aluminium silver color of GEOMET improves the appearance of the open wheel
  • Braking behavior: the low thickness of the coating on braking surfaces does not damage the quality of braking during the vehicle first use and enables a temporary protection of brake discs surfaces
  • Temperature resistance (400°C): it enables to keep an excellent corrosion resistance on vehicles – warranty for 2 years against rusting.
  • Protection inside the vents: no oxidation inside the fins – better thermal exchange while braking
  • For after-market, GEOMET enables to assemble the brake discs on vehicles without pre-degreasing (dry protection) – ready to install out of the box
  • The stronger corrosion protection of GEOMET on the hub mounting surface makes brake disc dismounting easier
  • Over 800 numbers in stock
  • Equal to or exceed OE weights and metal characteristics.
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