• ProForce offers well over 1,000 parts at affordable prices. From ball joints to tie rod assemblies to control arms, all products are manufactured throughout Asia at OE certified factories under the strictest standards.

• ProForce chassis is dyno tested to ensure OE specifications for durability are met and exceeded.


• ProForce strut assemblies include all the components required for strut replacement in a single, completely assembled unit.

• All ProForce struts offer assembly features application-engineered valving to ensure the perfect ride ability for specific vehicle characteristics. This exclusive design saves time and labour replacement costs.

• All ProForce strut assemblies feature pre-assembled replacement bearing plates, upper and lower spring isolators, upper spring seat, coil spring, boot kit, and a high quality premium strut at an affordable price.

• ProForce has the best coverage and value in the business for economy struts – with over 150 part numbers. We have a 1 year comprehensive warranty on all strut assemblies.

Hub and Wheel Bearings

• ProForce offers the most complete coverage for all North American and Import cars and trucks at a value added price. 
• ProForce fully integrated hub units undergo intense testing to ensure quality, durability and performance under the harshest conditions. 
• All ProForce hub units are engineered to OEM exact standards. Standards so exact we’re able to offer a 1-year comprehensive warranty on them.

Semi Metalic Brake Pads

• ProForce offers a full line of economy pads that meet and exceed OEM requirements. The same rigorous testing goes into our semi metallic platform offering and our manufacturing processes ensure exact OE components and quality.


Ceramic Brake Pads

• At ProForce, we believe hardware kits are a must every time a brake job is performed. Which is why ProForce pads come complete with the installation kit at no extra charge to ensure braking reliability and customer safety. 
• Due to the tremendous amount of heat generated from the caliper, rotor and pads, the metal clips can lose their tension and not hold the pad snug to the caliper bracket. This can result in uneven pad wear and noise. Replacing the clips ensures that this potential problem is solved. 
• ProForce offers a full line of domestic, Asian and European products which meet and or exceed the OEM specifications and include sensors where applicable. 
• ProForce’s positive mould technology combined with chamfered and slotted application specific features ensure low dust and anti squeal properties to ensure optimal performance.

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